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Our Goals at Custom Crafted Shuffleboards:

            • We want you to be completely satisfied and thrilled with your purchase.
            • We want you to have a table that is uniquely yours.
            • We want your table to be a spokesman for our company - your table should be our best form of advertising.
            • We want to create a piece of furniture that is unique and represents who we are - Craftsmen
            • We will be proud of our work.
            • Use our years of experience to work with you from the beginning to create a table that is uniquely yours.
            • We will ask you what you want us to create, what do you picture and have in mind.

Together, our design becomes your dream. We don't like to think of our tables as simply a game that you are buying for your family, but something you are going to hand down to you family. Our tables are meant to last for generations.

At Custom Crafted Shuffleboards we make tables that both you the customer and we the manufacturer will always be proud of.

We realize that there are other shuffleboard tables available, however, we want ours to be a special piece of furniture that just so happens to be a wonderful shuffleboard table.

We gladly furnish our prices on-line. The price we advertise is the price you will pay to have a fully functioning, Custom Crafted Shuffleboard Table delivered to your home (Shipping charges apply for distances over 75 miles). The only extra costs are any extra options you add to further customize your table.

What other companies consider as options, we consider as standard - We don't charge extra for Quality.

Please see our list of options in order to further customize your table.

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